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Joan slept outside our sex session in the afternoon in a room in the Travel Lodge and I was thinking about the next phase of my plan, when he woke up and kissed me say that althougth ass hurt and pain that never had, as it was before the dismissal ( had children amused ), I was glad. I asked xxxdessert her husband happy at home and she surprised me with his response: ' Oh, he knows everything that I say when I get home and sends his thanks for taking care of me ' mmm I was xxxdessert not prepared for this. Well, I said, if the case is perhaps the next time you can use your big house and let me see ? Joan said, you're a pervert who sent the lawn? No, I think we should at least see it, you are doing there best to help you never know. While we are thinking about our next meeting, you can invite a friend to find ? do not think I said Joan, who has had many good friends in the Social Club may need a little cheer to someone? Joan said so I xxxdessert know a lady, but she is coming up and I do notThey would find their attraction to Joan bird please tell me more I want to be the judge, even she, s only xxxdessert 5 feet tall thick gray hair and small breasts there about 70 years old. How do you know, s Joan for her, I wondered? Also always saying : 'If I could get a man for one night i, d show a good time,' Ok, I said, I have no concern that too just cause, you, s next Wednesday at 14:00 afternoon and we will try something new. I found Joan 's house with xxxdessert gifts of flowers, s, 2 bottles of wine, my husband and I met at the door welcolmed me, I went thro the hall and Joan was in a tight top and a skirt and put his side was Carmen, who was described as well dressed in a shirt and brokers, we made our presentations and then we all had a glass of wine and I sugestted all make our way, the way Joan and enter a spacious bedroom with a canopy bed, I said WOW very quickly undressed me and asked if Sally was Joan to the sHe looked at me like I was asking for the moon ! Sally told me she thought Joan would have said this before, No, she said everything I said, wearing white underwear and you can see his cock. Ok so when you get undressed, and I am now. Sally shit froze to the site, and Joan went to her and put his arm around her xxxdessert to say, xxxdessert he is very good and you like it, here let me help you with clothing, before Sally was in bed, not a pretty sight and had everything to make my cock stiff, came and spread her legs and Sally Joan began licking her pussy made ​​me hard and looked around and saw me, she called her husband with his small penis in hand, me and squeezed my cock into Sally 's pussy and went smoothly, I soon realized that this is a very large hole was and was not for me to get the fuck Joan as I shook, but nothing that happened and what he heard and said the girls I'm sorry, but I need something a little tougher for me, Sally looked at me and his face said it all, she is very disappointed. Joan stepped forward and said, let me help you quickly Sally upside down and showed me his brown hole and said to try, I was surprised, but Sally had said Ive done before I do, I asked my husband to laptop and out of the bottom and I found the anal lube, which I proposed some salt and some bum on my xxxdessert cock and again I tried to give this girl, this time was xxxdessert a bit xxxdessert of resistance, and it felt good, I began to push and asked although Sal was just said i as big a hit as hard as I could and within a minute or so was to get to it as I am, I asked Joan got to lick the leak, which they did and give Sally. The two exchanged my cum and it was mm salt i kissed her face and gave it back to Joan. My husband is beginning to show signs of the coming of Sally, so I jumped out of bed and told her to suck, Sally 's husband came quickly and took iteverything in his mouth and stood up with some of Joan was a show that everyone at least once in their life. I have seen by now hard again and xxxdessert took me to Joan on the bed, lay down his face and rubbed some lube on the ass hole then I pulled my pocket anal play, so Sally is the smaller plug Joan back in the eyes of Sal push the black dong in Joan really turns me on and I jumped on the bed and slide in wet pussy Joan stomach pushing the dong and pussy xxxdessert tension Joan was in heaven now, Joan was really into it and was pushed back to me with each thrust, I asked Joan Salt and suck on her breasts, the tip of Joan on the edge, and it was very loud and to my surprise, my penis and testicles was mmmmmmm come true. I turned around and asked Sal to lick Joan, but she said no, not my scene, I said ok, but its only fair that licked Joan, Sal reluctantly slid under the joan and began to eat my comepussy her husband was and was surprised as 70yr old licked 62 year old, dreams of this woman did.
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